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About Save And Replay

SaveAndReplay has been in Business since 2003, since then we have had over 25,000 unique customers and have directly imported the most popular products directly into our warehouses. SaveAndReplay was originally designed to sell Mod Chips and the swap magic for the Playstation and Xbox game consoles which allow people to play backup video games. In Late 2003 we added what was knew of as DVB products to our website, which were PCI cards for the PC which allowed for the viewing of satellite television on your computer with software like MyTheatre and ProgDVB. Then in 2004 we added the popular Fortec Lifetime Ultra and Pansat Free to Air Receivers. Eventually the demand for Free to Air grow so much we became known as an online source for ordering Free to air products and the name SaveAndReplay which was meant for video game products got known for the wonderful hobby of Free to Air and the various FTA Receivers. The demand for better picture quality and HDTV has become more popular now then ever, also the demand for getting Free HDTV with no monthly bills during a tougher economic period is extremely high. With this demand we have not only become a dealer but also a major Canadian distributor for Channel Master Products for OTA - Over the air. We only carry high quality well designed products for OTA from companies with 60 years experience and research and development like channel master and winegard, we refuse to sell cheap tacky brands of products or cloned products. Our retail business is still 95% an online business and we have a retail location in the Toronto Area in Mississauga, Ontario. We also have warehouses in Ontario where we distribute products to small and Large dealers

We are directly listed as authorized dealers for Viewsat, SonicView (free to air - FTA) and Channel Master (over the air - OTA). we only sell products where the warranty and customer support is number one, companies that stand behind their products. We also only carry high quality LNB's and dishes as well as all accessories that are associated with OTA and FTA.

Our policy for shipping is we ship 5 days a week Monday through Friday and all orders are shipped within 24hrs except for weekends and holidays. Automated tracking is provided via email. More and More people are enjoying the Over to Air and/or Free to Air experience knowing they are getting only good quality authentic products to enjoy their entertainment experience. Over 25,000 unique customers over the years keep coming back to us, and we are extremely honored to have such loyal and great customers. We take online orders, phone orders see our contact section for our numbers and always feel free to email us with any of your questions. In the meantime go watch some more TV! We also have a retail location in the Toronto area in Mississauga which is open 6 days a week to purchase anything that is advertised on our site. We answer our phones and have local numbers in Toronto/Mississauga, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, British Columbia and also in the USA California.

Our goal is to be known for our fast shipping , customer service and good business ethics! To serve our customers with only the best of products. And we would like to sincerely thank all our loyal customers for making SaveAndReplay their choice when it comes to getting Free Television with no monthly bills, whether you are an online customer, local retail customer in Ontario, or a dealer buying volume!


Canada Distributor of Channel Master, Antennas Direct, Winegard, HDHomeRun, Mygica , Viewsat. Cut the cable cord and get free HDTV

SaveAndReplay your one stop website for Over the Air (OTA) HDTV. Products for HDTV Antennas from Channel Master, Antennas Direct, Winegard, Ooma for home phone, and G-box for Streaming. Warehouse in GTA Toronto in Mississauga!
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