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Channel Master Antenna Reference Chart

Channel Master has been in a manufacturer of Over the Air Antennas, Ariel's for 60 years, that's 6 decades now. For the best in off air supplies channel master has built a solid reputation over the decades. The antenna reference guide here is the official channel master antenna reference guide from Channel Master. When considering an antenna this is a good indication of what you may need, always bare in mind that this guide does not give the characteristics of each antenna in terms of its side beam for pulling signals. For Example in the GTA Toronto area most people rely on the channel master 4221HD due to its unique ability to point towards buffalo and pull in Toronto and or Hamilton from the side. When installing an antenna in anywhere along the DVP /404 path then the 4228HD is also a good choice as all towers are in the same path, as well as Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket. For the best advice always contact us or drop by our retail store for choosing the right OTA equipment for your area.

      Reception Range Antenna Gain dB Antenna Size (inches)    
Antenna Series Model Type VHF/FM UHF VHF Lo VHF Hi UHF Length Width Height Turning Radius CEA
Digital Advantage CM-2016 HD/U/V/FM 35 35 N/A 1.5 7.7 36.5 47 22 34 MD
CM-2018 HD/U/V/FM 60 45 N/A 7.5 8.4 78 60 22 57.5 LD
CM-2020 HD/U/V/FM 60 60 N/A 7.5 9.5 91 60 22 69.5 LD
Crossfire CM-3671 U/V/FM 100 60+ 5.6 10.9 10 173 110 35.4 95.7 LD
CM-3679 U/V/FM 50 60 4.0 8.1 9.5 122 110 35.4 77.5 LD
Advantage CM-3016 U/V/FM 45 30 1.2 7.9 7.7 66 83.6 22 41 MD
CM-3018 U/V/FM 60 40 2.3 8.2 8.4 113.25 95 22 57.9 LD
CM-3020 U/V/FM 100 60 3.6 8.6 9.5 152.25 95 22 94.4 LD
Special Markets CM-3000A U/V 45 30 Amplified Antenna 25 Inch Circular 2.5 N/A SM
CM-3010 U/V/FM 45 30 -4.6 0.5 -1.6 15 55 2.25 30 LM
UHF Only CM-4220HD UHF N/A 45 N/A N/A 10.2 5.5 24.5 15.25 12.25 LD
CM-4221HD UHF N/A 45 N/A N/A 10.2 5.5 24.5 33 12.25 LD
CM-4228HD UHF N/A 60 N/A N/A 12 5.5 41 33 20.5 LD


Understanding CEA Antenna Marks for Outdoor Antennas
Antenna color codes are broken into seven different zones. These zones identify the different types of antennas that are required for a consumer to receive optimal reception. Typically, the closer consumers live to the signal tower, the better reception they will receive. They may also be able to use an indoor antenna versus an outdoor. The farther away a consumer lives, the opposite is true. However, there are many variables that impact exactly which antenna a consumer will need.
DESCRIPTION:  The smallest of TV antennas, they receive equally well from all directions.
APPEARANCE:  Good looking designs including novel shaped disk and patch antennas, and antennas that attach to satellite systems.
USE:  In yellow color code areas where signal strength is highest and away from reflecting structures or low areas.
DESCRIPTION:  Somewhat larger and slightly more powerful
APPEARANCE:  These antennas include novel stick, wing shaped or disk antennas with long elements.
USE:  Green color code areas. An amplified antenna is recommended in the green area anytime a long (20 feet or more) cable run from the antenna is required, or when more than one device (TV or VCR) is to be used with an antenna. They work best away from reflecting structures or low areas.
DESCRIPTION:  Bigger in size, these antennas receive more signal power. Better for greater distances from signal source and areas with low signal strength.
APPEARANCE:  Styles include element antennas. These antennas can be used to reject simple ghost situations.
USE:  When mounted at rooftop heights (30 feet or higher) outdoors, amplified antennas can be used in light green color code areas away from reflecting structures or low areas.
DESCRIPTION:  Antennas that act like large multidirectional on channels 2-6 but on higher channels these antennas start to have useful ghost reducing effects. Picture quality is excellent when no signal reflecting structures are around.
APPEARANCE:  Multi-element rooftop antennas.
USE:  Suitable for far edge of light green color code areas. Amplified antennas with rooftop mounting can be used in these areas if the area is free of signal reflecting structures and is not in a low area. 
DESCRIPTION:  Most popular rooftop antenna because of its modest size and ghost reducing characteristics.
APPEARANCE:  Multi-element rooftop antennas.
USE:  If there are ghost producing reflective structures near TV receiver antenna location, this kind of antenna is best for yellow, green, light green and red color code areas. Amplified antennas with rooftop mounting can be used with the blue color code.
DESCRIPTION:  Large antennas used in weak signal areas for maximum possible TV reception.
APPEARANCE:  Multi-element rooftop antennas.
USE:  Can be used in any color code area, but requires an amplifier and roof mounting for blue, violet and red color codes. Amplifiers are not recommended for yellow color codes.

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